What if you could rely on an experienced product marketer?

I help digital startup founders define product key messaging, develop the whole marketing strategy and drive product adoption. We can work together even if your product is fully launched or not.

Few brands I’ve helped

Do you feel that you have a great product
but you don't have customers?

You may be right. You may have a really great product.

But let me tell you that this is not enough.

If your potential customers don’t see the real value in using your product they will not convert and you’re throwing money on the window.

Inconsistent product key messaging, poor marketing strategy and low conversion rates are costing you money...

>80% visitors

>80% of your visitors will leave the website in a few seconds and they will never come back. They check your product, don't see how it solve their problem and they leave.

2x-5x customers

You may be losing 2x-5x customers because inconsistent product key messaging, poor marketing strategy and low conversion rates. Do you have a clue how to solve this?

You tried a lot of things
but you doesn't see any results

Redesign your website, again

Talk with your customers

Launch new features

Start running ads

A/B testing

Hire a copywriter

Here's how I can help you start making money or 2x your MRR​

I’ll help you define your user personas in order to understand their problems, fears, annoyances, desired outcomes and so on.

After we know what are the problems/fears of your customers we’ll make sure that is crystal clear that your product solves their problems.

We’ll create landing pages around each problem of your customers and we remove all the barriers between them and your product.

After we have the website ready it’s time to make some buzz around your product and „tell the world” how it helps customers.

Here comes the sweet part – we’ll build an customer acquisition funnel in order to constantly bring new qualified leads to your product.

We’ll make sure that we track every step of your users on the website and we’ll improve the flow in order to increase the conversion rate.

Why does clients hire me?

Because they want to avoid the trial and error method and rely on an expert guidance in order to make sure that everything is perfect.

Also, they don’t want to be in the position to shut down their business from lack of customers or to keep trying increase revenue without any results.

The salary for a product marketing manager is at least $10k/month. I can HELP & TEACH YOU for much less than that.

I work hard to make my customers happy

He really helped me to position my startup.

The automation he brings in the marketing side is fenomenal.

I highly recommend Sergiu for early stage startups to use his services.

Sajeesh – Founder of Skillcord

Yep, you're right
there's a catch..

The catch is that I can get only 1-2 new companies per month. The reason is that I want to do my best work 1-on-1 with my clients and I don’t want to make compromises.

So you can schedule a free call with me in order to see if we’re a good fit. We’ll gonna talk about your business, what are you challenges, what do you want to achieve, and so on.

If both of us feel that we can work together and I have a free slot we can start right away. Even if we aren’t a good fit I promise you that you’ll enjoy the call and you’ll get some pretty good infos.