On-demand SaaS product marketing consultant

I’m an on-demand product marketing consultant working side by side with SaaS founders to grow their businesses and revenues at a fixed monthly cost of just €330cancel anytime & 14-day trial.

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Wait a minute.. Where's the catch?
Why just €330 a month?

Well, there is no catch. You can grab a cup of tea/coffe because I will tell you why.

I left my corporate job back in November last year and I started working as a product marketing consultant with SaaS businesses. Previously at my job I was in the same field so I had experience in this niche.

Everything went well, I started having customers and even to earn more money in just a month after I left my job. And after that you probably know what happened.. COVID-19 hit me and I lost few customers. It wasn’t a big problem.

After the lockdown period I decided to start my own startup. So back in July, Stride was born. It’s a cash flow management and forecasting tool for SMEs. 

We got accepted in a startup accelerator and we even reached the final! Now we are working hard on Stride and we hope that in December we will have an MVP ready.

And now the problem.

Since I have a lot of work to do with Stride, I can’t invest time in lead generation for my consulting business.

So I decided to live at minimum in order to grow my startup. This means that I reduced my fee from €2-3k down to €330 a month and now I want to work with only 3 startups in the same time.

In this way I can work on my startup and I can also help my clients grow their businesses and also have some time for me.

If you think how I can live with about 1k a month (€330 x 3 clients), I live in Romania, a small country from Eastern Europe with a minimum wage of €280. So with €1k I can live decently here.

I wrote all of this to prove you that there is no catch. I just want to work with only 3 clients a month at a €330 monthly rate in order to grow my startup.

And you know the sweet part? Because if you read all of this, you deserve something sweet.

I give you a 14-day trial, which means that we gonna work together for 2 weeks and if you feel that I can’t help you grow your startup we virtually shake our hands and that’s all.

Here's how I can help you
start making money or 2x your MRR​

Competitor Analysis

Product Analytics

Customer Acquisition Funnel

Lead Generation & Automation

Product Positioning

Pricing Strategies

FB, Google & Linkedin Ads

A/B Testing

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Churn Reduction Strategies

Search Engine Optimization

+ much more

Any questions? Here are some answers that may help

I’m building my own startup right now but in the same time I need money to live. My goal is to work with 3 clients in order to make €1k/month and still have time for my startup.

If you want to work together but you’re still not sure, I offer you a 14-day trial for my services. If you feel that I can’t help you we virtually shake our hands and that’s all.

Yep, sure. You can send me an email, a connection request on Linkedin, a Facebook message or just schedule a call with me here and ask me everything you want.

No, you have to pay just €330/month for my services, that’s all. Anyway, if we both agree to use some tools which need subscription, those costs will be supported by you.

Why does clients hire me?

Because they want to avoid the trial and error method and rely on an expert guidance in order to make sure that they are on the right way.

Also, they don’t want to be in the position to shut down their business from lack of customers or to keep trying increase revenue without any results.

The salary for a product marketing manager is at least $10k/month. I can HELP & TEACH YOU for just €330/month – cancel anytime & 14-day trial.

I work hard to make my customers happy

He really helped me to position my startup.

The automation he brings in the marketing side is fenomenal.

I highly recommend Sergiu for early stage startups to use his services.

Sajeesh – Founder of Skillcord

Let's have a chat and see
how I can help you grow your startup

If you scrolled down here it means you’re ready. Schedule a free call with me in order to see if we’re a good fit.

We’ll gonna talk about your business, what are you challenges, what do you want to achieve, and so on.

If both of us feel that we can work together and I have a free slot we can start right away.

Even if we aren’t a good fit I promise you that you’ll enjoy the call and you’ll get some pretty good tips & tricks.